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Sooo much has changed since as I mentioned last post. I have some details now.

Keaton has spent many of weeks bouncing between Minnesota and Wisconsin to try to keep everyone happy! He’s such a trooper! As much as I miss him while he’s not here I am so proud of all he does.

We went to a wedding ON A BOAT this fall! How cool is that! Stillwater, Minnesota has Riverboats that can hold a couple hundred people and host weddings. We were on the top floor of the boat for the ceremony, went to the second level for the cocktail hour then to the water level for dinner and dancing! It was so origional. We had a great time!


Now the sad news. Keaton’s sister lost her husband suddenly at the age of 35. He died of a heart attack early on a Tuesday morning. We got the call around 5:30am because Keaton was awake and getting ready for work. He left immediately to be with the family. We spent the rest of the week with his sister, and the family of her late husband. It is such a tradegy but she has managed to stay positive and know that God hasĀ  a plan for her and her husband’s son. There was a race that her husband was excited for that is coming up on January 1st. After Lifetime Fitness found out about the death of one of their best employees they decided to dedicate the Minnesota Commitment Day race on January 1st to Steve Toms. Commitment Day is meant to be a day of commiting to a healthy lifestyle not just for one day, one month but for 365 days a year EVERY year!


Register Today!



Join me and all of the my friends and family by signing up for the Commitment Day race using the code for Lifetime Fitness Lakeville. Register with the code: LAK0294

See you January 1st to start 2013 off right!! Commit to your health!

The future!

Keaton and I found out just days later that we’ll be moving to Iowa for my dietetic internship! I am so blessed to have been matched with a internship… they are hard to come by! Graduation the 16th then January 7th begins a whole new adventure! I can’t wait!!! Hopefully that means more time for blogging because homework should be less intense!

SO as you can tell the next race is coming up quicker than I thought! January 1st people! Get on board!!!! See you on New Years Day! :)

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