Irresponsibility- Take responsibility now

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After a good message at church on Sunday about irresponsibility… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Of course, as a future dietitian, I relate most things back to health and wellness.

The message was about how God created us to take responsibility for our actions. However, human nature and sin makes us want to veer away from taking responsibility for our actions leading us to irresponsibility.

“Sin makes us want responsibility without the responsibility of management.” -Travis Roehm

For example: How many of you would feel great if they were given a promotion tomorrow? Most of us. However, how many of us want all of the work that comes a long with the promotion… not as many of us. We are made as humans to want the extra responsibility and credit for things but we do not always want to take on the responsibility of managing all of those responsibilities. Am I making sense or talking in circles? I hope I’m making sense!

NOW LET’S TIE IT ALL TOGETHER. Back to what this blog is all about.. health!

Don’t you think that if more of us as Americans would take responsibility for our health and well-being that we’d be a healthier nation? Instead of blaming fast food, processed food, TV commercials or whoever else we blame for our health problems we should take on the responsibility that WE are the only ones in charge of our health. All of those other temptations are not going to go away, in fact they will probably keep growing and growing it is up to us to take the responsibility to say I AM DOING THIS FOR ME.

And all of this is a snow ball effect. Don’t wait until you are so unhealthy that it seems like a daunting task to get started with exercise and healthy eating. Take initiative now. Remember Pinocchio? His nose grew every time he told a lie. Now imagine if every time you ate a big mac gained 5 lbs.. like literally eat a bite gain a pound.. (this is not possible and this is only for an example do nto take me literally).. but if this happened would you eat big macs? Probably not. The problem isn’t that we’re unhealthy.. instead it is that the unhealthy lifestyle that many people lead is slowly progressing and slowing hurting them in the inside but they are not seeing the outer effects of it and therefore are not doing anything about it. How can we help them? I wish I had the perfect solution.


I do my best to help others by:

Bringing exercise and nutrition into random conversation to let people know that I’m a resource.

I often offer to exercise with friends I know are struggling to get motivated.

When I’m on a run and a car passes me I purposely smile (even if I’m not having a good time, not all runs are wonderful you know) I do this in the gym when lifting to. I like to think that if someone sees me exercising and enjoying it, it might make them want to give it a try. (I know it is kinda silly, but I like to think I’m changing the world one person at a time)

I keep this blog.. Hoping somebody finds something interesting to take into their life.:)

All in all, the final message from today is that no matter what is going on in your life.. you are the one responsible for your actions. Human nature is to pass blame onto others but that is a dangerous snow ball effect. Take responsibility now before things get out of control. Focus on your opportunities not what you have or don’t have. If you are worrying about what you have or don’t have or what somebody else has or doesn’t have you are wasting precious time that could be used in a positive way. Life is never fair. Nobody ever has the same amount of opportunities, money, health etc. So take what you have and go with it!

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