Ladies and gentleman, meet the boss… the gymboss

Posted March 14th, 2013 by Lisa. Comments Off on Ladies and gentleman, meet the boss… the gymboss.

┬áThere she is so pink and pretty… and oh so helpful in so many ways!


Have you ever heard of or used a Gym Boss? Most people may think that this would only be used for exercise, like interval running etc. I love using it for things like that too. Teaching Bootcamp was super simple with this fancy little tool.


However, lately I’ve been finding other uses for it.

1. Laundry– We weren’t lucky enough to have our own washer and dryer in this apartment so we have coin laundry in the basement. I have a terrible habit of starting the landry and getting side-tracked.


2. Homework/ Studying– I have an attention span of a squirrel. If I set this timer for 30:00-45:00 I can have a break. It seems to help me concentrate and have more focused study time.



3. Naptime- Are you guilty of that afternoon slump like I am? Well don’t worry if you set your gymboss you can enjoy a short 20-30 nap resting assured you will be awake right on time to be productive the rest of the afternoon.


Go ahead give it a try! You’ll be more productive in no time!

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