Okie Dokie Artichokie!

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Look at this beautiful vegetable! But how the heck do you make it edible? That’s what I was wondering too! My goal for the next 2 months is to buy a fruit or vegetable I have never prepared for myself. So I didn’t plan which fruit or veggie I would do I was just at the store and grabbed something. Artichoke it was.. I was thinking to myself  “ugh I don’t even know what to do with this… Oh yeah, that’s the point!”


So after some research I found out that each of these little leaves have some “meat” at the bottom of them so it’s not just the artichoke heart that you can eat! Woah who knew?!


I started to peel back each leaf hoping to stuff it with some olive oil or something yummy like garlic. As I peeled I realized this sucker is prickly! See the tips of each of those leaves? Take caution! They’ll poke ya!


next I attemped to cut out the bottom pricklies… which was hard because I had all sorts of thorn looking things sticking to my hands. Then I just gave up and realized that if I cook it the pricklies will become soft and I’ll take care of them then when they’re less harmful.

So I chopped off part of the top…

And I stuffed that puppy with olive oil, fresh garlic and a touch of pepper. Then I wrapped it right up in tin foil.

Into the oven it went for ahh about 40 minutes at around 400 degrees.




When I took it out it was smelling pretty amazing!

I should have taken a picture of me eating the “meat” but I got so excited to eat I forgot all about my camera! But you eat it like you would eat a six-let out of the wrapper… you know what I mean? Stick the whole thing in your mouth, clamp down and slide it along your teeth to get the goods out. Then ENJOY! This would be a great appetizer or maybe something to cook with kids, I bet they’d thing it was a pretty crazy looking veggie to eat! :)


Happy cooking artichokie! 😉

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